Which S-Rank Agent should you choose in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)? (2024)

After achieving 50 pulls from the Stable Signal Searches in Zenless Zone Zero, you’re entitled to choose one free S-Rank Agent out of six — but the choice is a difficult one.

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Which free 50-pull S-Rank Agent is best in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

There are six S-Rank Agents to choose from after 50 pulls in Zenless Zone Zero, giving you a generous range. But this only makes the choice harder.

I’ve played with the six Agents and can provide you with a synopsis of each of them to help you make your choice. I’ll also be giving my own opinion regarding whether you should choose them or not. Before I give you details on each Agent, here’s a quick ranking to help you out.

All S-Rank Agents in this list ranked best to worst

  1. Nekomiya Mana
  2. Soldier 11
  3. Von Lycaon
  4. Grace Howard
  5. Alexandria Sebastine
  6. Koleda Belobog

Grace Howard

Grace Howard is a strong and quick-firing Agent who delivers lots of Electric damage over an area. She is great for crowd control and dealing with more than one enemy, although falls short in one-on-one difficult engagements.

As she attacks, she’ll build a stack of Zap, which enhances her Special Attack by making it more damaging. The high rate of Special Attacks, with the Zaps, means that you can deliver a slew of hard-hitting attacks in an area, shocking enemies in the process.

With great crowd control and a strong Electric attack, I’d recommend Grace Howard.

Alexandria Sebastine

Alexandria Sebastine is a strange case, as she has a high health pool yet will stay out of the fight with superior ranged attacks. Although not particularly damaging, the large areas of effect for her attacks could make her an asset to the team.

Being able to slip between enemies and keep shocking them as they try to close the distance allows you an easy time coursing through engagements, although she really isn’t particularly strong. Without the DPS to back up her attacks, it is difficult for me to recommend her as highly as other S-Rank Agents.

I can’t recommend Alexandria Sebastine despite the AoE and shock factor of her attacks.

Koleda Belobog

Koleda is an Agent who delivers fire attacks, with an emphasis on a limited but quick move set that allows you to quickly set enemies ablaze. This makes her good for enemies weak to fire damage, although her DPS is severely lacking.

Despite being able to consistently and quickly pop off large fire attacks, that’s the only thing going for her. And unfortunately, not every enemy is weak to fire.

I can’t recommend Koleda Belobog due to her underwhelming DPS.

Nekomiya Mana

Nekomiya Mana is a strong Agent with incredibly quick and powerful attacks. Her edge is that she’s fast, and she gets a damage bonus whenever an enemy is suffering from Flinch or whenever she performs a perfect dodge, allowing you to consistently become even stronger.

She melts through enemies due to her speed, and as you’re incentivized to keep dodging for more damage, you’ll take nary a hit from your foes.

I strongly recommend Nekomiya Mana for her high DPS. I’ll be choosing her myself.

Soldier 11

Soldier 11 is the Agent you’ll want if an enemy is weak to fire. Boasting a sword and a powerful attack that inflicts fire, you’ll be massacring through swathes of enemies. With that sword, she’ll automatically deflect incoming bullets — a neat bonus.

This Agent isn’t the strongest in this list, but she’s close, and being able to pop off her Special Attack consistently allows for a stream of fire attacks.

I highly recommend Soldier 11 due to her high DPS and reliable fire damage output.

Von Lycaon

Von Lycaon is excellent at stunning and freezing enemies, allowing him to nullify your foes on the field. Every attack he performs can become an Ice attack if you wish it to be, allowing you to punish those who are weak against it without suffering if they’re strong against it.

Being able to build up stun quicker than other Agents is very useful, and his high DPS definitely helps to sweeten the deal. This Agent is very useful as well as being hard-hitting.

I’d recommend Von Lycaon if you like the sound of chosen Ice Attacks and inflicting both stun and freeze.

Now that you have all the info needed to make your decision about the free S-Rank Agent in Zenless Zone Zero, you can rest assured knowing you’re off on the right track, and flex to your friends, naturally.

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Which S-Rank Agent should you choose in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)? (2024)
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